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June 25 
25th-Jun-2013 11:24 am
billy / dom glasses
AUTHOR: rubyelf
PAIRING: Billy/Dom
WARNINGS: none, really
SUMMARY: Dominic the world traveler has made it home. Billy is waiting.
DISCLAIMER: Lies, all lies, and no profit to be made off them, either.


Billy’s spent enough time in Dominic’s Los Angeles house to be used to all the terrariums and the tarantula and the snakes and the geckos and stick insects and other assorted creatures. The last three days, though, he’s been alone in Dominic’s house for the first time, and even though he’s not bothered by all the creatures in their proper place, he’s started having unpleasant dreams about waking up with all of them having gotten out of their containers and crawling into the bedroom. The kid from the exotic pet store who comes by a few times a week while Dominic is out of town assures Billy that all of the enclosures are in good working order. He seems to know what he’s doing, checking the little temperature gauges on all the terrariums and carefully rinsing out the water dishes and such, so Billy assumes that he’s not going to accidentally leave a lid off or anything, but he checks after the kid leaves anyway.

Billy has had a key to Dominic’s house for years now, and stayed here often enough, but never by himself for days at a time. It’s not Dominic’s fault that there ended up being some sort of problem with his passports and his flights and that he ended up hung up somewhere in Guatemala for an extra two days, Billy tells himself; even if Dominic is terrible at managing schedules and papers and things like that by himself, the show has a producer to handle all that.

Billy’s not fond of airports, either, and this is his third time in LAX in as many days. Arriving from Glasgow in the middle of the night, locating his luggage, and getting a cab to take him to Dominic’s house had been one thing; Billy hadn’t been cheerful about getting a call from Dominic the day before that he was still in Guatemala, but they’ve been planning this for too long. Then the trip back to the airport yesterday, only to arrive there and find out that Dominic’s flight had been cancelled and the second flight he was supposed to be on had also been cancelled, and of course Billy had left his phone at the house. Now he’s sitting at the arrival gate with a few other people in the unpleasantly early hours of the morning, shifting uncomfortably in the hard seat and watching the sky slowly brighten as the planes taxi back and forth to the gates.

His phone rings, vibrating in his shirt pocket, and he grabs for it.


“Yeah. Where the fuck are you?”

“Sitting at the gate waiting for you.”

There’s a moment of disoriented silence. Then, “Oh, hell. They did say we were arriving at a different gate. I’m sorry. I was mostly asleep. It’s been a rough couple of days. I mean…”


Dominic laughs. “Did you bring the car?”

“What, your car? Fuck, no. You know I don’t fucking drive in this city, especially not in the middle of the night.”

“Fine… well, then, meet me at the main entrance and we’ll get a cab.”

Billy finds himself staring blankly at the man walking toward him with a dirty backpack slung over his shoulder. He almost doesn’t recognize him, with his skin darkened and roughened by sun and wind, his hair short and spiky and bleached by weather, his face scruffy and grinning.

“What are you gawking at?” he demands.

Billy shakes his head to clear it. “You…”

“Look like I’ve been traveling all over the world in every kind of hellish place you can imagine?” Dominic asks, amused.

“Yeah. That.”

Dominic drops his backpack and throws his arms around Billy, and that part is familiar: the feeling of those wiry arms, although they’re thinner than they were last time, the smell of him, the pressure of his assorted bracelets and straps and trinkets around his wrists against the back of Billy’s neck. After a long moment, Billy forces himself to step back.

“Where are your bags?”

“They’re going to have them dropped off at the house later today. I told them I was done fucking around and I wasn’t waiting for them.”

He grabs Billy’s hand and picks up his backpack, tugging Billy toward the doors.

“Come on. I’m dying to get home and sleep in my own bed for a change. Actually, any bed I don’t have to check for bedbugs or scorpions would work, but mine…”

He glances over his shoulder to see if anyone is close enough to hear before he leans forward and murmurs in Billy’s ear.

“My bed will have you in it. That’s the best part.”

“Oh?” Billy asks, trying to keep his face normal.

“Mmm-hmm. You’ve been sleeping in it the last few nights, haven’t you? That’s good… the sheets will smell like you. I like that.”

“Stop it. We’ve got a long cab ride yet,” Billy reminds him.

It’s a long cab ride to think about all the things Billy’s been thinking about since Dominic called him and asked him to come stay with him in LA for a week or two after he finished filming. About how long it’s been since last time they were in the same place at the same time, and even longer since they’ve been alone together. About the Twitter comments and the emails and the suggestive offers and smirks, but nothing that Billy has been able to hold onto, nothing that promises him things are still the same as they were last time Billy left LA after nearly missing his flight because Dominic had insisted on fucking him one more time before he departed.

Dominic yawns. “I may not be awake by the end of the cab ride. I don’t think I’ve slept more than a few hours in airport lounges in the last two or three days. I’m beat.”

Billy studies him, and he can see the ragged exhaustion beneath the deep tan and the scruffy facial hair; it’s only when he’s tired past the point of proper functioning that those blue eyes go glassy and pale and distant like this.

“Well, let’s get you home and you can get some proper sleep.”

“You are staying, right?” Dominic asks, frowning. “I mean, with me. Tonight.”

“Well, unless you want me to leave.”

Dominic grabs his arm tightly. “Don’t you dare. The only thing that’s got me through the last few days without killing someone has been thinking about finally getting back here to you.”

They make their way to the exit and into a cab, Dominic stumbling with jet lag and fatigue and Billy not much better. As the cab rolls out of the airport and onto the freeway, Dominic leans over and rests his head on Billy’s shoulder, then head-butts him in that familiar way that tells Billy to raise his arm and make a cozy place for Dominic to bury in against his collarbone and rest his forehead under Billy’s chin and for Billy to wrap his arm around him and rub slight, soothing circles against his back through his t-shirt even after Dominic is far off in sleep.

Traffic is fairly light at this pre-dawn hour, but it still seems like an endlessly long ride from the airport back to Dominic’s house, and Billy is almost dozing too by the time the cab stops. He rouses himself enough to dig out his wallet and pay the driver as he pokes and shakes Dominic, who gradually begins to stir, although not happily.

“Hey, come on. You’re home. Wake up. Unless you want to sleep in the cab.”

Dominic sits up, blinking, and Billy can see from the blank confusion in his eyes how many times he’s woken up lately and had to struggle to remember where he was and why. Dominic’s a great traveler, taking almost everything in stride and happy almost anywhere, but everyone has limits, even Dom.

“Come on,” Billy says, taking his arm and pulling him out the door and into the warm air outside. Dominic allows himself to be led, and then they’re standing in front of his house as the cab pulls away. Billy finds his key and steers Dominic toward the door, into the house, and toward the stairs.

Dominic wakes up a bit at the sight of familiar things, looking in on his various pets as he passes them.

“Has Liam been here?”

“He was just here this morning. Well, I guess yesterday morning.”

“Looks like he’s taken good care of them.”

“They’re all fine. You can make a proper inspection in the morning.”

Dominic sniffs his shirt. “I need a shower. I smell like sweat and dirt and airports.”

“You need to sleep.”

“I’m not going to bed until I’m clean,” Dominic says, with the kind of blankly exhausted stubbornness that would take over all of them on the “Rings” set after they’d been up for makeup since four in the morning and still filming hours after dark.

“Get a quick shower, then,” Billy says, as they stumble up the stairs.

Dominic’s hands are suddenly tangled in his shirt, and Dominic is pulling him closer, those blue eyes finding his face and refusing to look away as he leans back against the wall of the hallway and pulls Billy against him.

“Get a shower with me.”

It’s been a long time since they were together like this, alone, and Billy wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, but the need and the demand in Dominic’s voice goes straight to his gut.

“You sure you…”


Dominic leans against the bathroom wall, watching as Billy reaches into the shower, turns on the water, adjusts the temperature.

“Take off your clothes,” Dominic says.

“You first,” Billy argues, feeling silly even as he says it. It’s not like Dominic hasn’t seen him naked; Dominic has seen him in ways no one else has seen him, and done things to him that he can’t imagine anyone else doing. Still, Dominic shrugs and begins to strip off his dusty clothes, peeling them away and dropping them carelessly on the bathroom floor. He’s down to his jeans and pulling off his shoes and socks before Billy finally starts tugging at his own clothes, and in a moment they’re both naked, looking each other over. Billy imagines he looks pretty much the same as he did last time Dominic saw him, but Dominic is thinner, leaner, his stomach flatter, hip and shoulder bones more exposed.

Billy reaches out and Dominic takes the hand that’s extended to him, letting Billy lead him into the shower. Under the hot water, he stands with his head down, letting the dirt and grime flow off of him. Billy grabs a wash cloth and a bar of soap and lathers up, working the cloth through Dominic’s hair, behind his ears, down his neck and shoulders, over his chest. It’s not until his hands reach the softer skin of his belly that Dominic’s hands come up and brush over Billy’s, a light touch before he turns around and lets Billy scrub the rest of his hair, the long muscles of his back.

Dominic turns suddenly and locks his arms around Billy’s neck, and the contact of their wet bodies sends a jolt through both of them. Dominic locks his mouth onto Billy’s, his hands grabbing at Billy’s hair, pushing him back against the cool tile and pressing into him as if he’s trying to force months of desire and need into a minute of contact. Billy feels his cock respond to the demand, feels Dominic moan low in his throat and thrust against him.

“I thought you were tired,” Billy gasps.

“Please… let me fuck you. Please.”

Billy shivers at the words. “If you insist. But not in the shower.”

Dominic laughs and reaches to turn off the water, and then they’re grabbing for towels, rubbing at themselves and each other, and Billy’s not even half dry before Dominic is dragging him toward the bedroom, his eyes dark and wide. They find the bed and roll into it together, arms and legs wrapping around each other, until Billy finally manages to roll Dominic onto his back and pin him down, looking down at him in the dim light from the hallway. Dominic makes a half-hearted attempt to struggle, but Billy can feel the exhaustion in the way his muscles offer almost no resistance to Billy’s grip, the way his body slumps against the bed instead of arching up and squirming against him.

“Dom, you need to sleep.”

“I can’t. Not yet.”

“If I let you go you’d be asleep in ten seconds.”

Dominic looks up at him, and there’s something pleading in his expression.

“Billy… you know how long I’ve been waiting for this?”

“I was afraid you’d have changed your mind and decided you didn’t want it,” Billy murmurs.

Dominic stares at him. “Are you joking? Do you not get that I want this so much it drives me crazy? Do you not know how much time I spend thinking about you?”

He’s gripping Billy’s sides with hands that have more desire than strength, and something shifts in Billy’s head, and he rolls toward the nightstand and pulls open the drawer and fumbles till his hands find a condom and the bottle of lube that he knows are in there. He sits back and straightens up, straddling Dominic’s thighs, and Dominic is staring up at him in wide-eyed silence, his cock hard and eager, the rest of his body sinking into the bed with no energy left to do anything else. His eyes widen as Billy reaches down and rolls the condom onto Dominic’s cock before he slicks it with lube and tosses the bottle back toward the nightstand.

“Don’t hurt yourself…” he murmurs.

“Hush,” Billy says. He doesn’t really care at the moment if it hurts; all he cares about is feeling Dominic’s cock inside him, where he’s been waiting for it to be, and watching Dominic’s face as he rides him.

He takes Dominic’s cock in his hand and lowers himself, and there’s a burn but it’s a familiar one and he ignores it, pressing down against the resistance of his own body and feeling his muscles yield to the fullness and pressure. He had intended to watch Dominic’s face but it takes too much concentration to do what he’s doing.

When their bodies finally meet he does open his eyes and look down at Dominic, and that wide, blue-eyed stare sends a shiver through him, knowing that right now Dominic’s entire world has narrowed to Billy and Billy’s heat around him and Billy’s body as his hands reach up to stroke from his chest down to his stomach and come to rest on his thighs.

He grinds his hips down and starts to rock them, shifting Dominic’s cock inside him, arching his back to find that angle where he can ride the head of it right against that place where he needs it, and Dominic moans, grasping at his hips and holding onto them, not directing Billy’s motion but seeming to follow it by touch. His head tips back on the pillow and he murmurs something breathless and probably not coherent. It’s been too long, and feels too good, for either of them to hold out for any length of time.

“Come for me,” Billy orders.

Dominic moans and writhes underneath him, his grip on Billy’s hips tightening until he can feel each finger digging into his skin, and then a gasp of fragmented words escape him as his body tightens. Billy can feel the heat, can feel the pulse of Dominic’s cock inside him, and it’s all he needs; he reaches for his own cock and in a few quick motions he’s streaking Dominic’s chest and stomach as he comes.

Billy falls back down next to him and, fumbling for a discarded t-shirt on the floor, makes a half-hearted attempt to clean them up. Dominic, fighting sleep, swats the shirt away and grabs Billy’s arm so that when he rolls over, he pulls Billy over him just like a blanket as he buries his face in the pillow.

It’s not until late morning, when Billy wakes and the heat of the sun laying across the bed has made Dominic shove the blankets off, that Billy has a chance to fully look him over. He’s thin, but there are wiry muscles beneath the skin. His skin is deeply tanned and crisscrossed with a meshwork of scrapes, scabs, abrasions, insect bites, and bruises in various stages of healing, nothing that looks like anything horrific, but Billy still doesn’t like it. It just confirms everything he’s been worrying about the entire time Dominic has been off across the globe running around in the jungle, playing with venomous snakes, climbing trees, crawling through caves.

Dominic yawns and glances over at him. “What’s that look for?”

“You could get yourself killed, this stuff you’re doing.”

Dominic grins lazily. “Doesn’t matter. I love it.”

Billy sighs and rubs his sun-bleached hair and kisses the back of his neck. “And after all that, going all over the world and meeting all those people who…”

Dominic rolls over, hearing Billy’s voice shift. “Is that what you’re worried about? That I’ve been…”

“No, no… although I wouldn’t blame you if you were. I mean, you’ve gotten to meet all these people who love all the things you love, and who do all these exciting things you want to be part of… and then you come back to me?”

“Of course I come back to you,” Dominic says, wrapping an arm around his neck. “Every traveler’s got to have a safe harbor somewhere, don’t they?”

26th-Jun-2013 12:08 pm (UTC)

Aaawww - what a wonderful concept and story. I loved it - thank you.

I suspect Billy is probably always worried about Dom, and I think Billy is precisely that for Dom - he's very much his 'safe harbor'. Spot on!

Nice tenderness and gentle bantering between them, but both ultimately getting what they want.

26th-Jun-2013 01:32 pm (UTC)
Thank you... I'm glad it had that feeling of being "right".
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