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30th-Jun-2013 04:31 pm - More fic!
text reads 'scribe', pencil drawing of me
Didn't quite get this one done in time for my posting day.

Title: Throw your dreams into space like a kite
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 5747
Summary: You can change as many surnames as you like, but his mother's heritage isn't easily lost. (a very slightly magical AU)
Billy pleasant smile kitsons
Enjoy the fruits of my intensive labor!  Please turn your speakers up!!  I will have another video to post later tonight.

30th-Jun-2013 03:31 am - Free-For-All Day!
text reads 'scribe', pencil drawing of me

On this last day of Monaboyd Month the community is open for anyone to post anything they want! If you have fic you didn't quite get done in time for your assigned day this is a great opportunity to post it, but we also welcome small things- single recs, pictures, links to your favorite BillynDom interview or video, quotes, even just a favorite lotrips memory. People who did not sign up for a day this year are also welcome to participate.

If you are looking for inspiration, blackbird_song's fic here is open for continuation, tigging, round-robining, sequels, etc. (see her post for details).

Alternatively, here are a list of drabble promptsCollapse )

Go to town! Let's fill everyone's friendslists with Monaboyd love today.

(Note: we're not strict with deadlines and timezones and things. If it's 6/30 somewhere, post away.)
29th-Jun-2013 11:11 am - Fic: Fixture
adorable dom
Hello, monaboyd loves. I have a small offering for today. I was sincerely hoping to finish up a couple of long-lingering WIPs for my posting day, but alas, it will likely just have to wait until free-for-all day, or another day.

Happy Saturday, and enjoy. :)

A happy and hopeful ficlet taking place not too long after Dominic first arrives in NZ for filming.
28th-Jun-2013 04:47 pm - Fic!
text reads 'scribe', pencil drawing of me
Title: All Of The While It Was You
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2511
Notes: thanks to fiercynn for betaing.

Every fandom needs a coffee shop AU, right?
Title: The Next Fork in the Road
Author: Blackbird Song + YOU
Pairing: Billy/Dom
Rating: Undetermined
Warning: Also undetermined
Author's Notes: I've never done this before, but there's a first time for everything. I've started a story, you get to play with it. You can make it a round robin or write your own story using what I've done so far as a beginning, middle or end. You can write what you want in the comments, or link to a completion elsewhere. Anything goes, as long as the bit I've written remains intact somewhere, somehow. I'll just be hiding in another town for a few hours. ;-)

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25th-Jun-2013 11:24 am - June 25
billy / dom glasses
AUTHOR: rubyelf
PAIRING: Billy/Dom
WARNINGS: none, really
SUMMARY: Dominic the world traveler has made it home. Billy is waiting.
DISCLAIMER: Lies, all lies, and no profit to be made off them, either.

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25th-Jun-2013 10:46 am - June 25
billy dom sunshine
Got two stories for you today... this is the first one. It's part of my "Glass" AU, which is mostly posted at the monaboyd comm and if you want to read any more of it, it's all tagged as "glass" in my journal, but you should be able to read this without having read all of that. And if you HAVE read parts of it, it's a lot less traumatic now than it was for a while.

AUTHOR: rubyelf
PAIRING: Billy/Dom
SUMMARY: Billy does not like Dominic's moustache. Dominic does not like change.
DISCLAIMER: Lies, all lies, and no profit to be made off them, either.

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24th-Jun-2013 02:58 pm - Fic: Any Other World
[monaboyd] hearts
Any Other World
Billy Boyd/Dominic Monaghan
Notes: This one's a bit weird, sorry. But it's been floating in my head for a while now and I hope it makes some shred of sense to anyone reading!

The first year is the hardest.


Billy Boyd wakes up one morning and his entire life has changed.

His life: wife, kid, dog, work when he chooses, play when he wants. It's a good life. He's got a best mate, he's got a sister he sees at least once a week with a brood of her own, he's got a girl by his side that he couldn't be fonder of and a little boy that's his entire heart.

It's the life he wants for himself. It's the life his parents would have wanted for him, too, he knows.

They're talking about having a second kid; a little girl would be lovely, Billy thinks, though Ali says she'd be fine with a playmate for Jack. Billy says they'll be playmates either way, and in the back of his mind he images Jack as the protective older brother.

It's a good life.

He doesn't have that life anymore.

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